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Loz Speyer - trumpet, flugelhorn

Marcio Mattos - double bass, electronics

Dave Fowler - drums

Tumbatareco is sound without translation, a rhythm open to interpretation, a composition yet to be composed that cannot be written down … spontaneous combustion by this dynamic and cohesive free-jazz TRIO, with ears wide open to the whole spectrum of moods, textures and sounds in this elemental lineup.

FreeTrio front cover3.jpg

New release

“Open Territory” by FreeTrio 

Loz Speyer - trumpet, flugelhorn

Olly Blanchflower - double bass

Tony Marsh - drums

Ten years on from when we last played with the late great free jazz drummer Tony Marsh, I'm releasing an album of recordings we made in a series of sessions at my house, 2009-11. This trio never played to a live audience, but we recorded everything we did.


During 2021 lockdown I finally sat down and listened through all of it again, which amounted to about nine hours of music. There were some gems there waiting to be discovered! This album is the result.


Click on the cover art to listen and buy CD now on Bandcamp! - digital download comes with the 31min bonus track "Open Territory".

"Loz injects a Bobby Bradford-like personality to the sound and I suppose Marsh isn't a million miles away in style to Ed Blackwell, another Ornettian and free-jazz pioneer, especially on the more bustling sections... There is great chemistry between all three players, the switching of emphasis and momentum criss-crossing between trumpet and drums steered admirably by Blanchflower's elastic beat." - Stephen Graham, Marlbank



A trio of trumpet, bass and drums is great, for the space it creates and the unique demands it places on us. All the elements of music are there pared down to essentials. There is a huge space between bass and trumpet, and it can be harmonised a million different ways by the drums. Likewise perhaps between each pair in the triangle?

Especially when there's no chord instrument, there's no hard and fast division between playing freely and improvising on tune structures - different modes of playing maybe, but they overlap and one can move seamlessly between them.

It's a format I keep returning to - early on in Birds Eye Trio we played standards (with Dave Fowler and Alex Keen). In Threeway (with Tony Bianco and Julie Walkington), our own tunes and jazz standards going free and back. 


Then in FreeTrio, with Tony Marsh and Olly Blanchflower, it was all improvised with no pre-composed material. And likewise now in Tumbatareco, with Dave Fowler and Marcio Mattos - and previously with bassist Guillaume Viltard.


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