Loz Speyer - trumpet, flugelhorn

Marcio Mattos - double bass

Dave Fowler - drums


"Tumbatareco" is what my Cuban ex used to affectionately call improvised music - not in any dictionary, maybe the sound of a set of congas falling down the stairs, might translate loosely as 'one hell of a racket' ... So here we are!


What we are doing could also be described as sustained instant composition, drawing on many and various sound worlds. Each of us comes from a background in Jazz and we are extending and reaching beyond it, into the unknown.

I love the Trio for the immense space it creates and the unique demands it places on us. The distance between bass and trumpet can be harmonised a million different ways by the drums - and likewise between each pair in the triangle.


I have been exploring tumpet trios for some time - in Birds Eye Trio (with Dave Fowler and Alex Keen) we played standards: in Threeway (with Tony Bianco and Julie Walkington) we did our own compositions and jazz standards going free and back. Then in Freetrio, with Tony Marsh and Olly Blanchflower, it was pure improv (2011 recording below).


I see no hard and fast division between improvising on tunes or other structures and playing free - there are different modes of playing, and one can move seemlessly between them.

photo by Catrinel Doran