Loz Speyer's Time Zone

New album "Clave Sin Embargo"
release date 2nd October 2019
CD and digital on Spherical Records
Loz Speyer - trumpet, flugelhorn
Martin Hathaway - alto sax, bass clarinet
Stuart Hall - guitar
Dave Manington - double bass
Andy Ball - drums
Maurizio Ravalico - congas

Time Zone plays an innovative "deep fusion" of Cuban music and Jazz - soulful, catchy and rhythmically provocative.

"Speyer’s ear for the exultant horn harmonies of traditional Cuban dance music informs a probing crossover composer’s intelligence, in which time signatures are shuffled and idioms overlaid… Nobody writes world music quite like Loz Speyer, and he’s long deserved a bigger stage, and the resources to match."

- John Fordham, the Guardian

"There is an intriguingly saturnine quality in both the leader's compositions and the band's execution, a sense of hard-edged modernity that has a side-winding thrust reminiscent of Dave Holland's ensemble... An ensemble led by a trumpeter/composer who has absorbed the essence of Cuban music and distilled it quite cunningly into an improvisatory context with no compromise to either culture. Gritty, graceful sounds with a dark-light intensity."

- Kevin Legendre, Echoes


"Timezone have a deep, organic understanding of Afro-Cuban rhythms and textures, which they fuse cleverly and compellingly with the more improvisatory jazz of the US mainland... All in all, another delicious evening of first-order live music."

- Ian Kingsbury 

"A mix of mutated American hard-bop and classic Afro-Cuban music that turns out to be a vigorous display of independent character... Speyer has done things his own way and the result is a contemporary Latin-Jazz of considerable muscle."

- John Fordham, the Guardian


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