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From CD 'Infinity Sea Rockets'

Live at the Vortex, April 2013

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Infinity Sea Rockets - 2013

Loz Speyer - trumpet / flugel

Chris Biscoe - alto sax / alto clar

Rachel Musson - ten/sop sax

Olie Brice - double bass

Graham Fox - drums

Five Animal Dances - 2008

Loz Speyer - trumpet / flugel

Chris Biscoe - alto sax / alto clar

Julie Walkington - double bass

Seb Rochford - drums

Loz Speyer trumpet / flugelhorn

Chris Biscoe - alto sax / alto clarinet

Rachel Musson - tenor / soprano sax

Olie Brice - double bass

Gary Willcox - drums

"There was something utterly warm and personal about this gig, and very moving." Mike Collins - for full review click here

"Wonderfully vigorous, sprightly music, packed with unexpected felicities of texture and timbre, and infused with bustling, fiercely interactive energy. Recommended." Chris Parker -

"One of the happiest evenings I've heard in jazz for many a long night. Like all the best innovators, they're hard to categorise... Go along and see them." Karl Dallas, the Morning Star

"Serious fun of the first order. Highy recommended."

Mike Butler, Metro

"A cracking set showcasing the consistently good catalogue he has been building for years... there was real personality in the writing. " Kevin Legendre, Jazzwise

Following in the footsteps of the likes of Duke Ellington, Charles Mingus and Ornette Coleman, Inner Space Music takes improvisation into new territory, and frames it within a set of strongly melodic, catchy tunes with references going back into jazz history.

Compositions such as Rocket Science and From A to B to Infinity play around with a combination of fast, slow and free time, as a flexible framework for improvising, exploring the fine line between structure and freedom that is a central theme in the jazz tradition.

...and Five Animal Dances are musical sketches based on the Five Animals Qigong forms (Bird, Tiger, Deer, Bear and Monkey) - a Taoist practise of movement and meditation designed to connect us with the vitality and playfulness of the natural world.


live at the Vortex, April 2013:

Rocket Science


Tip of the Iceberg

Deep Sea Spirit


LOZ SPEYER trumpeter, composer

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