Time Zone

2012 tour - live at Colchester Arts Centre

from CD "Crossing the Line"

Jazz on 3 feature - Loz talks about Cuban influences

on his music for Time Zone

Time Zone Cuba

released on Babel CD "Now's the Time 2"

compiled by Kevin LeGendre

Recorded in Santiago de Cuba with local musicians

Proyecto Evocación

Loz Speyer's Time Zone

from the first CD, 2004


'Crossing the Line'

by Time Zone

SPR003 - Oct 2011

Loz Speyer - trumpet / flugel

Martin Hathaway - alto sax / bass clar

Stefano Kalonaris - guitar / trés

Davide Mantovani - double bass

Maurizio Ravalico - congas

Simon Pearson - drums

'Roots en Route - Raices en Viaje'

by Proyecto Evocación

SPR002 - June 2010

recorded in Cuba

Loz Speyer - trumpet / flugel

Rafael Cisneros - vocals / bata drums

Nestor Lago Machado - trés

Yoel del Rio Olivera - double bass

Ramón Marquez Dominguez - congas

Yoilán Zamora - timbales/ percussion

Juan de la Tejera - hand percusssion

'Loz Speyer's TIME ZONE'

by Time Zone

33JAZZ098 - 2004

Loz Speyer - trumpet / flugel

Martin Hathaway - sax / bass clar

Richard Bolton - guitar

Phil Donkin - double bass

Simon Pearson - drums

+ Carlos Lopez-Real - soprano sax

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LOZ SPEYER trumpeter, composer

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